Welcome to Klima


                  "More real than the law is the heart"


                 A Kasbah is a Fortress in the desert


                       The Guard of the Dunes

Some caravans, of course, journey through from the distant points to the salt districts, accepting the danger and inconvenience of trekking the dune country, but thereby avoiding the higher charges of picking up salt from the storehouses in the local oases. Even these caravans, of course, once in the dune country are accompanied by the men of the Guard of the Dunes. The Guard of the Dunes, however, does not obtain the title of the Salt Ubar in virtue of his complacent magistracy of the salt districts, subservient to the Tahari merchants. There are those who say, and I do not doubt it true, that it is he, and not the merchants, who controls the salt of the Tahari. Nominally a sheriff of the Tahad merchants, he, ensconced in his kasbah, first among fierce warriors, elusive and unscrupulous, possesses a strangle bold on the salt of the Tahari, the vital commerce being ruled and regulated as he wills. He holds within his territories the right of law and execution. In the dunes he is Ubar and the merchants bow their heads to him. The Guard of the Dunes is one of the most dreaded and powerful men in the Tahari.

                                     Flag of Klima


Add realism to your posts, the more you think out your actions, the more it lends to realistic role-play.

Be descriptive - again, the more detail offered the better others can respond to you and your actions. Become the Gorean you are playing.

Don't be limited by the rules that govern our society, you're in Gor once you enter the chat room. Be a Gorean.

Respect other people in the room. Many have been playing the character you see for years and value both their character and the role-play/storyline they are in.

Don't treat your time in the chat room like you are playing an arcade game. Once a character is captured or collared or any other unwanted fate, it is done. No do overs! *Just play it out, have fun, it's Gor!*


Don't Rush into role-play till you are ready to take part.

Don't disrespect the room you are visiting. Read the rules before entering and be prepared to follow them.

Don't Gender-bend - Meaning if you are a man, play a man, if you are a woman, play a woman. Gender bending will get you banned from a chat site.

Don't play more than one character at a time. That is considered dueling and is strictly forbidden by all Gorean Chat realms. Once you retire a character or it is killed, you may take on a new character, not before.

Don't treat others disrespectfully.

Slaves were cherished and valued, Free Women were given respect as such, Free men were given respect or your faced their wrath. Behind every Gorean is a real person from Earth, with feelings and emotions.

Don't use Gor as your place to vent your real life issues. We are not here to be beat up cause you want vengence on the bully that beat you up. We are not here to suffer for all the bad stuff that happens in your life in any way. Nor can we be expected walk on egg shells cause you have issues, come for fun and fantasy, and leave the issues at home in your real life.

                                            (Klima's Rules (Read Them)

1. You must be 18 years or older to enter this room.

2. It is vitality important that you understand the room that you are entering. This is a Desert Waste Land. There is nothing around. It is a secret, desolate isolated site deep within the dune country of the Tahari, where rich pure salt is mined. There is no fresh water for a thousand pasangs of Klima. (You must role play into the room with this in mind). Guards are heavly posted outside the camp within the dunes, so You are well known of Your advance far longer then You may know.

3. There is no exceptable reason to P.M. other R/P's unless you have asked to do so  and given permission to continue.

4. Any that enter must have a character name. Avitars are welcomed within a reasonable size limitation. No porn avies allowed. If it doesn't pertain to what is reasonable, created from the books of Gor, *Don't wear it*.

5.  This is a Raiders Camp. Gorean Raiders Rules Apply (link to)

 6. Personal issues, depressions, or any other uncontrolable actions and drama within the camp will be booted and banned. Any such actions are to be scripted with a time stamp and sent to either Me, or the site managment without hesitation for the better interest of this Home and It's members.

7. This is a R/P room,  meaning, role play, Leave mention in description of actions so that that can be played off of, and on to generate broader imagionation for others to work with. Slaves do chores, Free do caste work, Guards rotate their positions, Men and Woman play a part and  Visitors come with goals and intents and a visual is passed along to make this all fun and exciting. And of course *Warriors are Warriors*


                                             Lets Have Fun, and Enjoy!

                                Gorean Beliefs

The Gorean believes in harmony between all that lives as well as balance in the application of the survival of the fittest laws.  He respects all men and all creatures other than men as having their role in the delicate equilibrium of life.  The Gorean warrior holds his enemy in utmost respect; the hunter applies himself to learn the ways of the animals he hunts because he acknowledges their skill at fleeing him.  In all that surrounds him, the Gorean finds beauty, value and purpose.

                              Tower of Klima